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If your MOT test is due soon we can perform a pre-MOT test for you FREE of charge.

Below you will find a document from the DoRT with a detailed account of what checks are involved in an MOT test.


Here in Cyprus all vehicles older than four years old must undertake a MOT test every two years by the Department of Road Transport (DoRT). The purpose of this test is to ensure that the vehicle is still safe to be driven around and also acts as a way to ensure that the vehicle meets environmental standards. In order to pass the MOT test the car must be taken to an approved MOT centre to be tested. The test which is computerized, will allow the technicians to check your vehicles emission levels, lights, suspension, tyres, steering brakes and anything else that might interfere with safety. We can pre-examine your car of course before having an MOT test for you, and perform any necessary repairs, making sure it passes the test. We can also take the car for an MOT test ourselves saving you time and money. Please take notice that the MOT certificate is directly saved in the DoRT database. If you don’t provide the DoRT with a valid MOT certificate your road tax is directly considered invalid too.  FOR A DoRT  DOCUMENT  REGARDING MOT CLICK HERE.

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