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Involving in automotive sector for 30 years we are servicing with the personal touch our customers with ethos and commitment. 


It is of great importance to us to provide our services at a professional level.  Our definition of professionalism is defined by our priorities:


  • First of all as automotive technicians we strive to offer top quality services using accredited employees and professional equipment, with vehicle functionality and security as top priority.

  • Our second priority is to work as efficiently as possible in terms of costs and time (without of course compromising quality) offering our customers as much flexibility as possible.

  • Our long and vast experience in conjunction with our large network of associates allows us to offer a vast variety of services for all major car makes and models.


Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with our services or with honest professional advice in any matter that concerns you about your vehicle.



Our fully equipped garage workshop based in Limassol Episkopi, ensures that we can provide you with our services whether it is an elaborate repair or routine maintenance at high standards but not only as we are one stop workshop providing tyres services, a/c services, body repairs and as most automodive's industry services.  Through the years we expanded our workshop, now containing 5 lifts and an inspection pit. We also make sure that we keep our equipment up to date by constantly extending and updating our range of special tools and diagnostic computers enabling us to perform all of the services mentioned.


As a family business we wish to provide excellent customer service in all areas related to our work therefore we have a reception where you can discuss any issues about your car and make bookings, payments and be briefed about the work carried out (or needed to be carried out) on your vehicle . Our reception also serves as a waiting room, where you can comfortably sit and enjoy your refreshment while waiting for your car to be delivered to you.

Our workshop is also equipped with storage rooms which enable us to keep in stock spare parts such as air, oil and fuel filters, auxiliary belts, lamps, fuses, CV boots, wipers etc. Of course in the case that some spare parts are not available from our stock we have a big network of associates in Cyprus, UK and other countries that will ensure that the spare parts we need will be delivered to us whenever we need them. We also have in used parts and scrapped cars. 



our workshop





Although experience is an important factor in our work we believe that knowledge is as important. In our age technology is advancing at very high rates. Manufacturer’s nowadays constantly develop new systems and technologies covering every area of the automobile from simple luxury features such as self adjusting chairs to more complex systems such as elaborate engine management systems etc. To catch up we make sure that in addition of acquiring a Level 3 (Light Vehicle Technician) diploma, and a Level 4 (Master Technician) Diploma from IMI Awards UK, we constantly expand our knowledge by participating in seminars and getting certified in many areas of the car that are constantly updated like diagnostics, electronics, suspension, braking and engine management systems.  




It is worth mentioning that working 20 years with Sovereign British Bases, we have a Full Business License allowing us access to all SBA areas, provide you the opportunity to service you more efficiently  





Through our many years of experience we managed to build an extensive network of associates in UK involved in the automotive business. This enables us to work much more efficiently since we do not solely rely on the Cyprus market. 


 Therefore every time a particular part or service is needed, we carry out an extensive market research to ensure whether the part or service is available in Cyprus and whether its of benefit to our customer. If its not we contact our associates in UK and arrange it with them. 





Our love and commitment for the automotive industry and trade resulted in our addiction with motorsports. Our Rally Team has been preparing rally cars and participating in races for more than 20 years on our island. Through our experience in motorsports we learned how to work towards perfection, under pressure and extreme conditions, enabling us to win or achieve high places in many championships on the island. Our results include winning more than 5 local titles of our category and becoming the 2011 Cyprus Overall Champion. In 2014, our driver, Panikos Polykarpou deputed in the World Rallying Championship (WRC) following next years European Championships with some podiums results


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