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We Import Any Ford Parts with good prices

Though we service and repair all makes and models at our workshop we often work on many models by Ford, including fleets of commercial vehicles. As a result we gained lots of experience on these vehicles. In addition we created a network of associates outside Cyprus that can supply us with Ford parts that are sometimes unavailable here in Cyprus with very good prices. Please contact us for any queries. 



Through our long experience we managed to form a big network of associates which enables us to have access to any parts (new or used) we might need for servicing or repairing our customers’ vehicles. We also have various parts in stock here at our workshop. You can have a closer look at our parts section in our website and contact us in case you are interested. Furthermore in case a part is not available here in Cyprus or is not cost effective for our customer, we can import it as we have associates in other countries too.




It should be noted that we are one of the very few workshops IN CYPRUS that specialize in repairing-rebuilding automatic transmissions.

The transmission (aka gearbox) is the part of the vehicle that allows us to manage the torque (turning force produced by the engine), depending on the driving conditions at a particular moment. It also allows the engine to work without giving power to the wheels and the vehicle to move in reverse if necessary.  In order to do this the gearbox utilizes complex systems of gears, bearings, seals etc. In the case of automatic transmissions, shifting is achieved automatically with the help of an electronic control unit, electronically controlled valves, clutches and brake bands. All of these parts of course are subjects to failure. Transmissions require oil changes as part of their maintenance.



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