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Modern vehicles incorporate a huge amount of electronic devices (sensors, electronic management units, actuators) and systems to constantly monitor various parameters and regulate various vehicle functions from simple tasks to complicated ones such as engine management.  This complex and extended use of electronics makes modern cars much more accurate and efficient in all aspects and also more comfortable, safe and user friendly. However complex systems will result in complex problems if one of their components malfunctions or fails. This is the reason why modern technicians should employ diagnostic computers to perform diagnostic checks on the vehicle. These devices allow the technician to access the electronic systems of the vehicle and detect any errors. The errors found in the system may be simple and straight forward and help solve a simple problem or may be used as clues which in assistance with the technicians experience and knowledge can help indicate the real source of the problem and solve it. Here at Alkis Car Servicing we possess such knowledge, experience and equipment enabling us to perform a diagnosis when desired. 

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