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Tyres are of course very significant and yet very often neglected. Tyres are the only means by which the vehicle is in contact with the road surface providing grip. Considering the size and the average weight of a vehicle this is quiet challenging. It is even more challenging though if we consider that the surface area of a tyre that is in contact with the road surface is equal to the area of the palm of our hand. By reading this you probably get the overall idea of how essential tyres really are for your vehicles maximum grip and handling and of course- safety. Having tyres of the correct size and in good condition on your car is not enough.  You should have in mind that tyres are given a speed and load rating from their manufacturers (maximum speeds and loads allowed to act on the tyre), and in some cases a particular direction of rotation.  Different types of tyres may also be appropriate for different weather conditions – Summer/Winter Tyres. How hard or soft the tyre is may affect its behaviour during driving and in turn affect handling and comfort. Low inflation pressure and high inflation pressure will cause the tyre to be worn in an irregular pattern. An inflation pressure higher that the one suggested by the manufacturers may damage the tyre’s internal construction. Irregular tyre wear can also be a sign of failure of other vehicle systems such as the suspension. The correct type of tyres and inflation pressures to be used is defined by the manufacturers. Tyres are of course worn through their daily use. There is a limit to the amount of wear that is considered acceptable. After that limit, the tyre is considered dangerous and should be replaced immediately. Tyres can also be damaged on the outside for various reasons (age, intense driving etc). In some cases such as objects penetrating the tyre, a tyre can be fixed. There are however cases where replacement is necessary.  We can provide you with tyres for your vehicle, replace them, and repair them here at our workshop. It should be noted that after replacing a tyre the wheel must balanced. We can do this for you FREE of charge using the appropriate equipment.

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