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The purpose of an engine is of course to provide us with the power necessary to propel the vehicle. This power is released through the combustion of an air-fuel mixture of the right proportions. The air fuel mixture is delivered through the intake system. The mixture is then compressed and ignited. This results in the combustion of the mixture and the generation of power from the engine. The remains of the combustion (exhaust gases) are then released through the exhaust system. Since the engine is composed from accurately machined parts, keeping the engine constantly lubricated and at the correct temperature is of great importance. For these purposes a lubrication and cooling system respectively are utilized. Since the lubrication system is mentioned here we would like to briefly explain the importance of engine oil and oil changes. The purpose of engine oil is to lubricate the engine, keep the engine clean and cool the engine. You can now understand why using the correct type of oil and changing your engine oil is vital for your engine. The intake cooling and lubrication systems consist of various parts that can fail through time. Leaks also occur often. By now its quiet clear how important it is to treat any issues with these systems. Engines can also fail from time to time. In such cases we will provide you with an engine replacement or an engine rebuild depending on which is more appropriate. 

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